Next Five Upcoming Events

Journey at Pechanga

12/01/22 10:00AM

Women of Stonewall at Heritage Palms in Indio

12/04/22 8:00AM

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP @ Desert Willow - Mountain View

12/10/22 8:00AM

Desert Willow - Mountain View

12/10/22 9:05AM

Oasis Country Club

12/17/22 10:00AM

News and Information

Club Championship

  • Register for the Stonewall Golfers' 1st Annual Women's & Men's Club Championship Tournament to be played at Desert Willow on Dec 10 & 11 .

Women Of Stonewall

Rainbow Challenge '23

  • SAVE THE DATE! The Rainbow Challenge will be held March 19-26 with a 2 day tournament on March 25 & 26, 2023. More info. to follow.

2023 Rainbow Rumble

  • Sign up today for the Rainbow Rumble at Marriott's Shadow Ridge Golf Club January 6, 7, and 8, 2023. Play 1, 2, or 3 days. Join the voluntary games if you like. It's fun golf on a superior course.

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Golf Shots

  • Tammy-1, Pete Dye-0. At the Stadium Course, Tamara Smith lands in the middle of the fairway, avoiding Pete's carefully placed water, rocks, sand, and even an out of bounds on the right. Nice job!
  • Nine-year-old Ethan Lee visited from Miami and played with Stonewall at Shadow Mountain, February 2019.
  • We play the Canadian Open each spring before the snowbirds fly home. It's always fun and a good way to win a little bottle of maple syrup. April 2018. We hope to start again in 2022.
  • Everyone loves the tee at hole 12 at Shadow Mountain. A golden retriever lives there among the statues and begs you to throw a ball. David Hood, don't throw it in the pool!
  • Robbin and Lisa moved to the desert from Illinois in 2021. Robbin immediately cashed in at the Rainbow Challenge. Good job! Great play!
  • Our Co-Social Director Darryl Daniels, along with Mike Wilkinson, introduced us to Detroit's iconic drink, the Last Word, which costs a mere $200 to make at home. Here's Darryl at Coronado in 2020.
  • We don't only play golf. Here we are, Darryl, Mike, Charlie, Susan, and Deb after braving 45 minutes of treacherous terrain to hear a loud Trump brigade play urban hip-hop on top of Utah. Who knew?
  • A favorite golf course accessory in Palm Springs is our friend, the road runner. Road runners show up, then they run away before the anvil drops.
  • Karen Daniels is always in contention for our weekly closest to the pin contests. And all of the golf courses look like this from November through June.

About Us

Stonewall Golfers is a group of gay and lesbian golfers based in Palm Springs, California. The organization was started in 2000 and has grown to over 130 active members, with over 270 website profiles. We exist to schedule, participate in and enjoy regular golf and social events and to provide desert residents and visitors with gay and lesbian golfing companions in a friendly environment.

We hold at least 3 events per month and several major tournaments per year including our popular Rainbow Challenge. The club also organizes scramble tournaments throughout the year. We welcome members and non-members to all golf outings.

Stonewall Golfers supports local, social service based non-profit 501(c)(3) charities that recognize and meet the needs of the LGBT community. We make two monetary charitable donations per calendar year (one in mid-June and one in mid-December), subject to available funds, in equal amounts to (1) The LGBT Community Center of the Desert, and (2) FIND Food Bank (through The Community Food Bank @ The Center). More detailed info is available at

Stonewall Golfers conducts the majority of its communications via email. Feel free to email us at

For matters that require postal mail, our address is Stonewall Golfers, PO Box 2891, Palm Springs, CA 92263-2891.

Club Officers


Charlie Griffin, President

Charlie Griffin chairs the club’s Board meetings, and along with the rest of your Board members, provides overall guidance and leadership on behalf of the club. Charlie oversees club communications with members on matters of interest, our relationships with club sponsors, oversees our Annual Events and ensures all e-mails sent to are promptly resolved.

Melissa Berninger, Treasurer

Melissa is an accomplished Chief Financial Officer, so we are lucky to have her handle the Club's Finances. Stonewall actually collects and disburses a lot of money each year, so this is a demanding job for a volunteer. Melissa keeps everything quietly in order and makes sure we stay afloat.

Mike Wilkinson, Secretary

Mike keeps the minutes of meetings, handles membership, has managed registrations for the Rainbow Challenge, and is helping to transform our website.

Stephen Eaton, Board Member

As a Board Member, Stephen initiates, advises on, and votes on Board decisions for the Club. He and all Board members act as Starters for our events. The Starter is the person who sends out notices for an event, fixes the pairings when they are off, selects the closest to the pin holes and awards the winners, coordinates with the course and pays for the round, and collects money from players. Say thanks next time you see him!

Karen Daniels, Board Member

As a Board Member, Karen initiates, advises on, and votes on Board decisions for the Club. She and all Board members act as Starters for our events. See the description of that job above, for Stephen. For as long as we can remember, she has also put together, with Liz Barrett, the goody bags for the Rainbow Challenge. Karen has never seen a par three where she cannot nail the pin.

Lee Ericson, Events Coordinator

Lee sets up all of our events and creates the calendar in consultation with Club members and the Board.

Greg Baldwin, Handicap and Tournament Director

Greg manages handicaps and tournaments. His first tournament was the 2019 Rainbow Challenge, which was by far our largest success in generating charitable funds for the LGBT Community Center of the Desert, and for the players.

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